Mean clean soft washing service


My home was unrecognizible after Mean Clean left. It dried very fast and looked beautiful. Fast and great service. The owner actually washed my house. I love it. Thank you.

Anne Tindale, Tampa FL


Thank you for such great and quick service. I was already on my second notice for washing my mobile home and I had a same day appointment. No more dried up gunk on my home and it looks great. Thanks and we will call you again next year.

Beau Sams, Clearwater FL



About us

We are a family owned business that is constantly evolving and focused on finding the best solutions to keep your propoerty looking its best all year.


The owners are Jimmie and Michele Smith located locally in St Petersburg FL. Both owners are US Navy Veterans. They have been long time entrepreneurs since leaving military service. Each of their businesses are geared towards providing a much needed service to the community. They were incorporated in 2009 and operate Mean Clean, Heaven's Scent Perfume, Goddess Braid Shop and Vacancy Ready.


They are a practicing Christian family and Dr. Michele Smith is the Executive Pastor at Kingdom Seekers Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa FL. They love the work that they do and have used each opportunity as a fellowship with others.


MEAN CLEAN offers the Best cleaning


Mean Clean is a company that specializes in Mobile Home Soft Washing. This service provides an alternative to the standard pressure washing with great results. Soft washing uses a bio-safe detergent which is made by Dr. Smith to ensure we know what all ingredients are in our product. Our mission is to provide best solutions that help everyone.


Please contact us for more information or click to make an appointment. You will not be disappointed in our service.